You *Can* Afford Better

There's a lot of reason to be afraid that Security Costs are going to be a prohibitive part of every IT Budget.  And in some cases it absolutely is... but Security is more than just purchasing products, it is setting up a process and finding solutions that will best fit within your company.   Sometimes spending more money is NOT spending money the best way to protect your organization.
This is not a new idea - working smarter rather than more or harder... spending money smarter instead of spending more of it... but in Security?  The answer is yes.  You can spend money more efficiently to get more returns.  And I could break that down into ROI, integrating technologies efficiently, or using a "single pane of glass" to track events to reduce your workload... a lot of things.  But the way you spend less on Security is you make a plan and you build a process.
I talked about this in regard to multi-layered security.  Sometimes finding a fully integrated solution might save money - but if the integrated solution has a weakness that you can't cover, and then have a breach... it didn't save you money.  Breaches cost your business more money than spending slightly more money on Security.Conversely, multi-layered security can have the difficulty of having a lot of different "panes of glass to monitor" which can lead to less efficient use of your staff.  Engineers have limited time in a day, and how much of every day do you want them to be looking at console to make sure your security is working effectively?

So... like in many things... there tends to be a best of both worlds approach by looking to find a strong process or structure to your security environment.  Maybe you use a mostly integrated security solution - but use a separate layer that is very specific (such as having a different network technology or endpoint technology than everything else), or, as London Security suggests to our customers - you utilize an effective MDR Solution that will provide additional coverage if everything else fails.

London Security offers human solutions to problems, we look to assist our customers learn how to best utilize their resources, but also utilize London Security's resources to their benefit as well.  We have helped companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply creating a better process for them to follow.  We have been able to accomplish more with less, and customers have thanked us for it.

So when I say you can find effective security that does fit within your budget... I'm not making a claim I can't back up.  I'm simply saying that maybe a second set of eyes on your set up who has a strong history of helping customers find the best bang for their buck is of benefit to your business.  Give us a call, email, or message on LinkedIn - and we can help you get set up to find better security strategies for the future.