Working From Home - Will It Last?

One thing is for sure...2020 has changed our lives.  And for anyone in the IT industry, especially information security...these changes might just be permanent.  Why?  Because companies are seeing they can get the same, if not more work out of folks working from home instead of sitting in traffic for an hour or two (or 3 for those in California) heading into or home from the office.  They're also seeing the monetary savings from not having to own, rent, or lease all those floors and buildings.

But will it last?

I'm thinking some of the companies are going to use this as a new way of doing business.  They've spent the last 6 months honing the remote worker.  Online meetings are now normal, people even have their own green screens in their homes.  I know I do. 

Those who could adjust - have done well.  Those who couldn't, found themselves being furloughed or fired.  Many organizations have been doing quit well with this "new normal" for their workers.  Some have even invested in office furniture and new computers for their remote force.  If you think about it, it is a heck of a lot cheaper than having to pay for office space and buy all the equipment and furniture.

Perhaps this remote working thing isn't for everyone.

I'd be a fool to think this would work for anyone and everyone.  There are industries where people have to be in the office...duh!  And of course there are going to be those people who need to be supervised to ensure they actually do their job and aren't just sitting home catching up on Netflix instead of working.

It won't take long for people to weed themselves out of the equation allowing companies to find the right person/people for the job.

My Prediction?

Yes...working from home will last and most likely become part of the new norm.  You'll see many businesses not renewing their office space(s) and selling off some of their buildings.  I envision some of those once luxurious office buildings will soon get remodeled and become apartments or condos.  Heck, they'll probably make a TV show out of it.