What is working Security Architecture?

In order to verify you have a security architecture that will work, you will need to consider the following points:

  • Do you have a Security Infrastructure in place that covers all vulnerabilities?
    • Security Technologies
    • Security Team
  • Do you have a Security Plan?
    • This would cover what would occur in the event of a breach or other security event, with a set of actions to take in order to make sure that a threat does not spread through-out your security environment.
    • Additionally, this would include pre, during, and after action plans for how to handle security events.  It would cover who is told when an issue occurs, how quickly your organization can respond to it, and how to handle the event itself (i.e. what actions to take).
  • Do you have a strong Security Culture?
    • I talked about this last week, but Security Culture is where you have an approach of advocating for security with your employees, as well as encouraging and training employees on how to respond to security events; as well as, explaining what is / is not a security event in order to reduce false positives.

All of these come together in what is, effectively, your Security Architecture.  You've built out the structure of your security, the plans to implement and continue effectiveness, and the training to reach an ideal state.  You're done right?


As security threats become more complicated, it becomes more and more important to verify your security meets both the current security issues your industry faces, but also finding security solutions and methodologies that will scale with you into the future against future security threats.  Testing your security environment regularly, testing the tools and methods you handle security events, and finally testing how "attack proof" your organization is are all key towards finding an effective overarching solution to security threats.

This is where London Security shines.  Our customers face significantly less risk of security events taking down their business, and working with London Security has improved their security postures to feel more comfortable in facing threats that haven't been seen yet.  We work with our customers to find the best solutions for threats of today, but also how to handle threats that we will be seeing in future situations.