US Critical Infrastructure At Risk

We continue to see warnings from the US and other global governments regarding cybersecurity risks aimed at US, UK, and other country's businesses, especially critical infrastructure.  Earlier this week, President Biden warned of incoming cyberattacks from Russian state actors, citing US Intelligence.  The crux of these attacks are likely focused on critical infrastructure, per the President, but should all businesses be concerned?  I wrote up a list a couple weeks back about how to close some of the security gaps.  We have been monitoring the escalating threats  throughout the month, and with all levels of US Government concerned with the attacks, from President to Governors  means it is important to revisit those security gaps if your business hasn't yet.  And if you don't find yourself having the time to take action on these cybersecurity concerns, contact London Security Solutions to help you get protected, before it is too late.

According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Administration (CISA) these attacks are ramping up, and all businesses "large and small" should act now to protect themselves from harmful malicious cyberattacks.  The crux of these appear to be mounting preparation by nation-state actors (largely Russia) that seem prepared to strike back because of sanctions the US and other countries have levied at Russia for their attacks on Ukraine.  This is a common refrain now, but that doesn't mean it isn't serious.  Cyberattacks coming out of Russia are more than just "Ransomware" - they include attacks that destroy and purge data completely, such as "Wiper" malwares.

We're even hearing concerns beginning to resurface about the potential Russian government ties within security software vendor Kaspersky.  While Kaspersky has repeatedly denied any such connections, they have provided and maintain a "transparency center" where partners and customers can review the code.  Even with this, the US government has banned the use of Kaspersky software in any agency working with or connecting to government networks or systems.

If your company is doing any business, currently or planning to, with a Federal US entity, please call or email us to discuss security options and concerns.  All security software is not the same and does not offer the same level of protection.  We do have a few options we like, but we also understand they may not be a fit for your organization.  Every business is different, anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.  We're happy to assist even if it means not purchasing from us.

Hopefully you haven't got lost with all the links above.  There's a ton of information here which I hope you will share with others. 

With everything going on, ransomware, ransomware as a service, hacker groups targeting anyone and everyone, we feel it is best to assist with a free ransomware risk assessment to ensure your organization isn't ripe for an attack.  Especially if you've already had an attack!  There are typically remnants left behind that will allow the attacker back in for another incident.  Your peace of mind should be worth at free assessment.  Don't you think? 

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