Trusted Security Advisor vs. Technology Vendor

Two questions to start off this blog... what are Trusted Security Advisors & Technology Vendors?

Technology Vendor - Sells various security technologies, limited expertise but wide variety of technologies / product they sell.  They are focused on selling the product versus selling "security" / piece of mind.

Trusted Security Advisor - Focuses on creating a long-term relationship where the focus is on creating an ideal security architecture for their customers.

Knowing that, what is the primary reason you SHOULD use a Trusted Security Advisor instead of a Technology Vendor?

Well... a Trusted Security Advisor focuses on the long-term value of the security within an organization.  There is more of an agnostic focus on technology - not sticking necessarily with single technology company or architecture, but instead creating a holistic strategy for handling security.

An example of this would be creating a process to handle security events that goes beyond simply setting up alerting / automation - but instead talking to the stakeholders at an organization to verify they have a step by step approach to handling security events.

Additionally, a Trusted Security Advisor should be going out of their way to inform their customers of ongoing risks, recent zero-day threats, and strategies and new technologies.  Providing that information, as well as input on how it affects individual customer environments, is the key value of a Trusted Security Advisor.

One of the first things any Trusted Security Advisor should do when engaging with a new customer is verify that security technologies are working effectively, and working to make sure that the security architecture handles the different pain points and security risks the stakeholders in the organization have.

London Security is a Trusted Security Advisor.  When we work with customers we put our best foot forward in making sure our customers understand that our emphasis is on providing the best security service we can.  When we pitch a technology solution or engineering solution to a problem, we present that solution because we have tested / tried that solution and stand behind the effectiveness.

If you are looking at your security, or interested in talking with a Security Engineer to review potential risks - contact London Security Solutions today!