The Edge is a Terrible place for Planning

Imagine... having a board meeting sitting in a climbing harness hanging off the side of the cliff.  If you drop your laptop, the meeting ends.  If you move too much, the harness might snap - and you fall to your death.  This is... less than ideal... for a lot of reasons, but it certainly is not the place to make long term cybersecurity decisions from.  And that cliff: dealing with an aftermath of a ransomware attack, dealing with a data breach, or restoring a file server that was compromised - is the wrong place to be making long term security decisions.  This is something to consider when you aren't dealing with those problems - spend energy and time on looking at what you can fix and how.
Building a Cybersecurity Strategy Doesn't have to be a difficult process. First figure out your starting point, what do you not know? Do you know all the cybersecurity technologies you already own?  Do you know whether those technologies are fully deployed?  Do you have the dashboards / knowledge to see and prove that information?  If you don't know that, do you know how to call?  Have you ever proven your security can survive a Ransomware attack?  Have you ever tested your security precautions against a Ransomware attack or pen test?

Work with people who know how to find out that information.  If you don't know the answers to all of those questions, go to your cybersecurity partners.  Ask your engineers, ask your colleagues... and if you don't have someone within your network who can answer those questions: such as London Security.  We can work with you to determine the basic pain points you have in your cybersecurity plan, or help you develop one on your own.

Cybersecurity is important.  If you don't have a plan in place, this is a risk that you shouldn't be taking.  A Ransomware attack fee average is $200,000 - and in the case of even paying ransom you're likely to get only about 69% of the data back.  Finding a solution post breach is much harder than dealing with it prior to handling Ransomware.  There is a lot of value in spending the time and money in advance, to save money and time that is important in the course of a breach.