Security Architecture IS Important

Security Architecture is important

As we encounter more and more different working environments through-out 2020 and early 2021, it is important to realize that a security architecture has to be developed that can handle the different problems that occur in the new work from home situations we are seeing across various businesses.

Structure of the Architecture Matters just as much as components

The best security technology in the world won't get you far at all if you don't have a process in place to handle issues as they arise.  Having good technological solutions to problems will mean that when the cards align, you have a solution place to handle it.  But if things don't work as optimally, what plans do you have in place to handle it?


Who handles your alerts?

Who handles your updates?

Who monitors your zero-day threats and security vulnerabilities?

What do you do when you DO get infected with malware?

Do your users know what to do if they open a potentially malicious email?

Are you able to quarantine systems if they are infected, or might be infected?

London Security Can answer these questions with you!

What London Security provides our customers is decades of expertise in the security field.  We provide the tools, strategies, and plans to assist all organization sizes (big & small) in determining what their best approach to Security can be.

Contact us today if you want help answering those questions, and how to find the best answers!