Ransomware STILL is the Biggest Threat

No matter how often I hear the term, no matter how much I wish it wasn't the case... Ransomware is still the number one threat according to most Cybersecurity professionals.  There's a multitude of reasons for this, but the big one is that still see successful Ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity professionals and Cybersecurity criminals 

But what does this mean for those of us trying to solve Cybersecurity problems, rather than create them? What does it mean that this is still the number one threat after so many years?

We need to do a better job explaining the problems

I'll place this on the side of Cybersecurity professionals, myself included, we still are having difficulty explaining Cybersecurity to business owners and business professionals.  Even government institutions struggle to understand the requirements and realities of Cybersecurity threats, and though infographics and graphs indicate that hackers are becoming more successful year after year - the reality remains true: They aren't needing to innovate because what has worked before - still works today.

There's a reason wheels are round wheels instead of square.  There's a reason most people use GPS instead of Thomas guides.  When something so technologically successful comes out for a hacker, why would they bother to "reinvent the wheel"?

So we are left trying to explain threats to business owners, to business professionals, and to elected officials, and we struggle to keep them interested in the discussion.  Cybersecurity problems don't have to be highly technical explanations, but that tends to be where engineers go with their solutions - try and explain the most savvy technological problems in order to solve the Cybersecurity ones.  Sometimes it works, but only if it is backed up by the buy-in of the rest of the business from top to bottom.  That means your executive has to fully understand.

London Security Solutions Wants to Help you Understand

As a Trusted Security Advisor, London Security creates Cybersecurity plans that make sense to everyone, not just engineers.  We look to solve problems that are sometimes human, rather than just technological, and we seek to help the people behind the problems, rather than focus on the problems alone.  Security is a process not a product.

One of the ways we explain our process is through Webinars, like the one we have scheduled on June 29th, at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time next month.  We talk to business owners and Cybersecurity professionals about what we do to try and cover these problems, and to show you how to keep up with attackers who Simply Don't Play Fair.

Register today and let us talk to you about how we can help you resolve the human elements of your business, through a combination of technology and understanding people.


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