Ransomware Is A Big Problem

The biggest threat of this year is still Ransomware.

Let me repeat: Ransomware is going to be the biggest problem in 2021.  It was huge in 2020.  Covid was a factor, the increase of working from home individuals didn't help, but the data we are seeing says 51% of businesses surveyed were hit by ransomware in 2020, and this won't change for 2021. 

Why would it? 25% of people infected with ransomware will often pay the demand.  Downtime is devastating to an organization, and if you run the numbers you can easily consider paying the ransom just to get back online.  This doesn't prevent you from becoming a repeat victim, or, will actually fix the issue (lots of evidence they won't actually decrypt without leaving things behind) - but the argument can be made that it is better to not be down as long, and be back up and running as quick as you can.

Obviously, London Security doesn't recommend you do that.  You shouldn't pay the attackers to fund their attacks on other companies, or even against you, because that doesn't make sense.  But what do you do?  What should people do to know if they are secure from a ransomware attack?  Well... the best way to know if you're currently at risk is to test.

So what you should test is two-fold:

1) Can the Ransomware easily spread to other devices? Can we lockdown a single device quickly before more devices are encrypted?

2) Are your backups off-network? How can you be sure your backups aren't encrypted too?

Are you prepared to risk going out of business from a Ransomware attack? We don't think so.

That's why London Security is offering a Ransomware Risk Assessment, where London Security and Blackpoint Cyber have teamed up to give away FREE to the first 20 customers who sign up. This will provide valuable feedback to fine-tune and improve our future offerings.

Why is this worth your time?

This is no mere demonstration - we provide an actual simulation of a Ransomware attack on your environment, where a hacker would attempt to not only penetrate your infrastructure, but also potentially spread to other systems.

Register for your Ransomware Risk Assessment!