LSS +Blackpoint Cyber's MDR Partnership

What's this about?

Last year we partnered with Blackpoint Cyber to complete our security services offerings. Blackpoint is a US-Based Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed with experienced analysts and security professionals 24/7/365.  

How is this different?

Utilizing their patented SNAP-Defense platform, they react to events in real-time instead of reacting to what has already happened hours or days before a notification or event is triggered. Blackpoint’s SNAP-Defense alerts the analysts in real-time allowing them to pull live data of what is happening right then and there. This allows the analysts the ability to identify “patient zero” in a breach and take action before anyone else in the organization is impacted. You should schedule a demo to see for yourself. 

How does Blackpoint stack up against the others?

The majority of MDR, EDR, and other "xDR" service providers only react to a triggered event or malware detection (think Rapid7, McAfee, or Palo Alto), or to an anomalous correlation of past log events (think Arctic Wolf, AT&T, Q-Radar, and Alienvault). Attackers today are using normal sys admin tools, you know, the same ones your IT teams utilize during regular administration. Those same tools have most likely been set as "allowed" or "excluded" from your security monitoring (SIEMs especially). In these scenarios, the attacker  is already in your network and has spread throughout the organization - all seven service providers mentioned earlier have made the news with failures to detect this exact scenario.

Upcoming webinars and demos

Over the next couple of weeks there will be some invitations to attend webinars and short demos we're scheduling in Q1 and Q2.  Our first scheduled Webinar is February 17th.  The webinars will be a little more than "generic overviews" and cover multiple industries plus some of the typical sales stuff. The demos however, are designed to be just that...a 15 minute live demo without all the sales stuff.  Click the button below to schedule one of those.

Why are we doing this? 

We have all been bombarded with "come join our webinar", or "sign up today". Like you, we have a limited amount of time on our calendars, so we wanted to give you an option for just the demo if you can't carve out an hour for the whole webinar. I know there are times when I tune out until the demo begins, and I'm guessing you might as well. So let's just skip to the demo...right? 

Why are we making a big deal with this announcement?

Because we have been hearing for years that while our service is outstanding, it could be so much better if we had a proactive and real-time response to events around the clock. Over the last 5 years, we researched, evaluated, and tried several MDR/SOC providers. None of them offered what we were looking for in response to our customer's requests...until Blackpoint.

With the addition of Blackpoint's patented SNAP-Defense solution, we are now capable of not just managing a security infrastructure with our Virtual Security Engineering services, but we are now able to provide true zero-day detection with an immediate response anytime day or night. 

Together, London Security and Blackpoint Cyber are truly fulfilling every letter in MDR. If you can attend one of the webinars or demos...great!

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