Infrastructure Cyberattacks - Real Threat?


Recently hackers attempted to poison the water supply in Oldsmar, Florida.  This attack took the following formula - an overworked IT Department where one person had full responsibility of security, physical IT technologies, and everything else... and barely averted an attack where hackers were able to use TeamViewer to take remote control over a workstation and adjust the water to Lye concentration.

This is startling, but nothing new.  Hackers have been trying to break into key infrastructure points since the beginnings of the internet, including successful attacks in Queensland Australia by Radio to dump sewage into the water system.  This attack was successful - whereas the more recent attack was not.  The attacker was discovered, locked out of the system, and the Lye Increase in the water supply in Oldsmar, Florida was deemed as not dangerous.

Obviously, this is considered a success.  No one was harmed, and the vulnerability revealed and handled.  But the issue becomes, how are critical infrastructures handled across the country?

The answer is, each water treatment center is managed and handled differently.  There is no universal standard that applies to each treatment center.  Many of them are run by IT Engineers overworked, understaffed, and often not security specialists.

This is where Managed Service Providers, MSPs, like London Security Solutions and others provide the most value.  Additionally, partnerships like London Security Solutions with Blackpoint powered by SNAP-Defense, means that we can provide protection from these kinds of events 24/7/365.  These kinds of services are how we prevent these kinds of cyber attacks in the future.  Protection that can lockdown an affected system the moment suspicious activity is noted and reported.

London Security Solutions is offering a webinar on this service, and its value, on Wednesday, Feb 17 12 - 1 PM EST