Hacked Pipeline? Ransomware STILL Relevant!

I've said it on this blog before, but Ransomware is still the most prolific attack - and still a threat to many organizations.

I wasn't surprised when I saw the Continental Pipeline Hackers used Ransomware to bring down critical infrastructure.  Ransomware is still a problem for many organizations.

This is because Ransomware can be deployed easily, can remove the most valuable commodity most companies have (their data), and is prolific across most networks.  Ransomware is something of the tried and true method of attack for hackers - because it works.

So how can you protect your company from Ransomware?  Here's some steps


  • Technical Solutions - Make sure you have the right technologies in place to handle security threats.  What security layers are you securing? Are you able to verify you're protected on multiple layers?
  • Security Expertise - Who do you have on your team, or what resources to reach out to for questions regarding existing security threats; as well as, security threats that are occurring within your industry.
  • Responsive Security Posture - How do you handle a security threat within your organization? Do you know what happens if you have a malware infection in the middle of the night? What is your process of handling a system being encrypted? How do you verify that the malware is restricted to a single system?

London Security works with companies of all sizes to build up their security posture and make sure they have systems in place to secure their critical infrastructure.  The amount of damage this cyber attack did to both the Continental Pipeline as well as consumer confidence is incalculable at this point, and not something you would want to experience for your business.

Contact London Security today in order to schedule a Ransomware Risk Assessment - where we will use deconstructed ransomware attack method to verify that Ransomware will not penetrate and propagate across your network.  We have discovered all kinds of threats in the course of these Ransomware Risk Assessments, and we would be happy to assist your business today!