Fireworks and Security

Happy July 4th!

Still a few days early, but us Texans celebrate a little early sometimes.

Lets talk Fireworks.  Fireworks are an enjoyable pastime that we all have probably experienced at least once.  If you have pets, you probably experience the reactions to fireworks all year, and even more likely, this time of year.  Fireworks are loud, bright, obvious, and draw your attention.  Theoretically you know what makes a firework a good firework - it has to be bright and obvious, it has to entertain, and it has to distract you from the dark night around you.

Knowing that, means you have a lot of choices for Fireworks.  You can buy your own (if your state/city allows it), you could pay to go to a licensed show, or you could choose to not have Fireworks at all.  All are valid options in their own way, and they all have different reasoning for each.  You do all this research as to the best show - how long it is, what kinds of fireworks to expect, who enjoyed it last year, and who recommends it now?  You could do the same for the Fireworks you buy for yourself; figure out each kind of firework you want to purchase, make sure that it goes all together nicely with a nice combination of exploding fun items, or you could make it as chaotic as you want with tons of different fireworks shooting off in all directions.

Or, again, you could stay at home with a good book and ignore the whole Fireworks experience.  I often do this, so I empathize.

Fireworks... are not security. Obviously.  But they do represent the flashy attacks that we see within the Security Space.  For every big breach such as the hacked pipeline you have other less flashy attacks that manage to steal thousands of dollars from businesses around the country using Ransomware for small amounts against small businesses.

Both are styles of attacks.  In this case, both are different methods of trying to enjoy Fireworks.  But how we handle them both... is the same.  We have to build out a security posture that allows  for us to both handle the big flashy threats as well as the softer more quiet threats that occur in the middle of the night unexpected.

This is why London Security believes in a True MDR Solution, looking at something that doesn't just detect and alert - but also takes some kind of immediate action.  Because you don't want to wake up the morning after July 4th, happy you saw all those fireworks... only to find out you were robbed while you were at the show.