Do you want to find out you were hacked from the FBI?

Yesterday, the FBI announced they had shut down a Russian controlled botnet before it could do any harm.  A big takeaway from this was many of the parts of the botnet were individual network security devices for small businesses around the country, many of which had no idea they had been compromised.

The fact we caught this attempt is great, but the question you should ask - what about the attacks we aren't catching? We know that attacks are up significantly, all of the places these cyberterrorists operate out of show tons of activity, is this the first salvo in a larger attack?  We don't know.  But we do know that many of these businesses were fully compromised by Russian state-owned terrorists before the companies were even aware there was a problem.  That had to be a difficult phone call to get: "This is the FBI and Russians hacked your network."

Cyberattacks are increasing across the board, not just from Russia.  We know that criminals are taking advantage of the focus on Russia to focus and stealing as much money as possible in the interim.  And the reality is that companies may not even be aware they have been hacked until it is too late.  The window between an attacker gaining access to a network and doing immense damage can be huge - with attacks not being caught until several weeks after the first day the hacker had access to systems.

In these situations, the question to ask is: Would I even know if I have been hacked?

This is where London Security Solutions can provide assistance.  Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service offering means that your company will know if an attack is happening... as it happens.  And you'll know you're protected when we shut down the malicious application in progress, and prevent a full outbreak.  if you think you can benefit from a second set of eyes taking a look at your existing network, you should sign up below for our existing Ransomware Risk Assessment to see where your business is, it would be better for us to tell you that your systems are at risk rather than waiting for a call from the FBI.

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