Deconstructing 2020

What a year!

This year has been a rather tumultuous year in security - from the changing infrastructure of the normal corporate workforce being able to utilize the most out of the perimeter detection technologies... changing into a more varied presence across multiple zones with a larger percentage of workers going remote.  For months we saw the advantages (and disadvantages) of these moves, and the value of considering different options for security.

What has come out on top, from LSS' perspective, is having layered security is more important than ever before.  Relying on a single point technology (looking at the SolarWinds hack revealed this year), and not having protocols to quickly handle a potential breach from a supply-side attack has become a new obstacle to review in 2021.  Hopefully the budgets are there for more organizations!

What 2020 has done, more than anything, is reveal problems that have always been there and put them in a new light.  Security has always been weakest when users are in various locations - protections such as perimeters lose efficacy within a varied workforce... but there are ways around this.  Using technologies to enforce VPNs, or using strong endpoint controls mean that a workforce that is remote is still protected - with protections that are there regardless of where the endpoint resides.

This being said, tools like Cisco's Umbrella to offer endpoint DNS level protection, or tools such as Blackberry Protect (Previously Cylance) are very strong options to lockdown endpoints to prevent user actions that may result in a potential breach.  Additionally, LSS has had great success in using our MDR+SOC powered by SNAP defense to lockdown infected systems before they are able to propagate.  These combine into a strong layered protection that has protected our customers.

Moving forward, 2021 should hopefully be a lot better than 2020.  The lessons we have learned this year will apply next year, as many companies still struggle with an increasingly remote workforce and deal with whatever problems the future might hold.  If there is one thing we can be sure of in security, it is that we will always have a new problem to solve - so look forward to those problems as an obstacle you're prepared for, rather than a hurdle to trip on.