Creating a Secure Environment Culture

Security Architecture is more than technology solutions. It is more than simple training, or having the right team to respond to threats.  It is about educating workers on how they can better practice security.

The most powerful technology in the world won't solve problems that occur because end users or employees don't understand what constitutes risky behavior.  Such as...

  • Teach Employees to verify links before clicking. Something that takes next to no time, but can be the difference between a potential malware infection or not.  Users should be encouraged to verify information before clicking it.
  • Explain the value of using VPNs when working remote. When you have so many workers at home, encouraging the use of company VPN can be integral.  Using a VPN can protect a system from many security threats by placing the employee system behind network security protections through the VPN.
  • Value employees needs. Sometimes security needs are presented as "do this or else", but that doesn't help explain to end users how security is a requirement but doesn't have to be a negative experience for users. Employees have to do things that will sometimes break existing security policies, but that doesn't mean you can't work with them to create a new policy that doesn't prevent the user from doing their job.

There's obviously a lot more components of creating a positive security culture within your organization, but it is important to realize that buy in from employees is going to be the only way a security policy will be enforced. If end users are seen as a nuisance, if security is presented as something that no one wants to do but has to, it is going to cause problems down the line.

Security won't be successful if you have users who reject security policy.  Creating a positive security culture where you reward employees who work with your Security team will pave the way for your success as a security enterprise.

London Security has found a lot of success in working with organizations to create a positive security culture.  If you want advice / recommendations on how to apply policies to improve your security posture, please feel free to contact London Security today.