Covid Continuity

Covid-19.  Businesses around the globe have had to learn how to handle workforces that are spread out across larger areas, no longer behind the perimeter security they spend millions of dollars on; as well as, limited by the security capabilities of the new work from home space.

London Security Solutions has talked about the new "work from home" or WFH situation that companies face, and as early 2021 has indicated, this isn't changing anytime soon.  What we have learned, is that security threats of 2021 are much the same as the security threats of 2020.

Ransomware is still an incredibly lucrative business for criminals, and the threats from Ransomware have only increased through-out 2020-2021.  Nearly 70% of malware threats are Ransomware, and this has lead to a near doubling of the cost from downtime in 2019 - at an expected 94% of downtime costs increased.  This is unsurprising.  In a WFH situation, it is doubly an issue to deal with infected machines, having to reimage remotely - or mail / send new devices for end users.

Ransomware is so effective for criminals because businesses cannot afford downtime.  The average cost of downtime in 2020 skyrocketed to $308,900 for North America, and that is a cost few businesses can afford in a time of economic uncertainty.  So, this leads to the inevitable question: What are customers doing for security?

Well, London Security Solutions recommends a comprehensive security strategy that includes layered protections, but culminates in some form of business continuity solution - in the way of backup technologies coming as a primary strategy for quickly dealing with impacted systems.  In an ideal world, these threats would be blocked from occurring, but while security professionals have to block and defend thousands if not millions of attempts to penetrate their security - attackers only have to get lucky once to infect a system.

As such, London Security Solutions has partnered with Datto, a leading provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions that deliver Unified Continuity, Networking, and Business Management solutions to companies across the globe.  In order to discover more about how London Security Solutions & Datto will provide value to your business, join our Virtual Summit by registering below.  We hope to see you there!
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