CEOs Liable for Cyberthreat Landscape

In the next 4 years, Gartner has predicted we will see a rise in CEOs being held liable for cyber-physical security incidents by 75%.  A great deal of this will be because of the transformation we are seeing across the IT organizations in the country and all over the world toward integrated cloud solutions hybridized within their own on-premise technologies. 

Security is no exception to this, more and more technologies are utilizing cloud hosted solutions or analytics in order to provide a higher tier of service for their clients.  The most dangerous time for these organizations, is during the changeover from the legacy model they were using to the future of the Security Field.

This Could Be An Engineering Nightmare

IT Security Engineers and departments will have to maintain upgrades for an on-premise solution while testing and moving toward cloud hosted solutions.  The second they begin this move, they will have to account for a multitude of devices and users and have to sort through the wreckage of all of it while maintaining a high security posture.  The increasing demand for security engineering resources is going to be a large issue in the coming years.  Coupled with the economic fallout of Covid-19, the funds available to cover additional headcounts will be limited.

London Security Solutions Can Help

London Security Solutions is ideally situated to provide assistance in these circumstances.  London Security has years of experience within the security space, and can provide engineering resources to manage your existing security architecture and assist in the transition into the newest security technology we are seeing emerge in the coming years. 

There is always going to be a limited need for antimalware/antivirus technology and scanning, but as security threats become evermore sophisticated - seeing solutions such as BlackBerry Protect (formerly Cylance Protect) and CrowdStrike are seeing more and more usage... simply because they work.

Moving Forward Layered Protection Will Be Vital

Layering protection to verify that devices receive appropriate security both on and off network is crucial.  Cloud based solutions help solve this issue by having devices communicate to a cloud hosted server rather than an on-premise server which an organization has to manage.  Once deployed, these agented security models provide great accountability for what happens to devices that may leave an organizations "radar" and their activities become clear.

There is no security without visibility.  Layered protection from cloud hosted and on-premise solutions will provide the needed increased visibility and enhanced security posture which organizations are going to need with the disjointed, segmented, and newly formed remote workforce.