7-Day Cybersecurity Sanity Check

Here’s some statistics for you this morning.  Did you know that...

  • The median cost of cyber incidents just here in the US rose from $10,000 in 2019 to $50,000 in 2020
  • A recent study found that 85% of consumers will not do business with a company if they have any concerns about its security practices
  • 17% of business owners reported that they experienced greater difficulty attracting new customers following a cyber incident

While most of us were relaxing over the holidays, the hackers and attackers were not.  We’ve seen most SIEM service providers fail to detect even the most basic of attack activity due to alert suppression. Why? Because the attackers are using regular sysadmin processes, you know, the same ones your admins use and have most likely been set to “ignore”.

Because of these factors, I resolved to help anyone interested in their organization's security posture set their own Cybersecurity goals for 2021.

In that spirit, during Q1 2021, London Security Solutions would like to offer what we’re calling our free, 7-Day “Cybersecurity Sanity Check” utilizing our MDR/SOC service (securityShadow) in Monitoring and Reporting mode ONLY.  No changes will be made and no actions will be taken.

We'll help you deploy our monitoring agent on a Friday, and the following Friday we’ll review (together) the vulnerabilities and threats uncovered that may have been missed by your other security layers.  This offer is good for up to 50 machines, be they servers or workstations, so you can get at least a partial view into your cybersecurity posture.

The time has come for the hard discussions to be had.  We've all heard the Latin phrase "Qui custodiet ipsos custodes?" Literally translated as "who will guard the guards themselves" but more commonly translated as "who watches the watchers". Who is watching your administrators?  You you won’t know if you don’t look!

Visit our Registration Page to sign up for the 7-Day zero obligation Sanity Check. 

Honestly...what do you have to lose?

Due to the high response from an earlier offer, we are already starting to schedule for February, because of this I'm limiting this to direct invitations only.

If you're interested in doing this sooner rather than later - Register TODAY.