2021 Security Recap So Far

3 months into 2021, and here's what we know already

  • We have the recent Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities London Security talked about briefly here
    • Short explanation: HAFNIUM operators took advantage of Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities to deploy a web shell to try and steal data and gain increased access to organizations.
    • Microsoft released patching information, and several ways to look if you were impacted by these style attacks
  • Ransomware is still a big deal - we're seeing it as one of the largest vectors in 2021 so far. London Security talked about it here
    • London Security recommends our Ransomware Risk Assessment to see where your business stands on this recurring threat here
  • Phishing attacks are on the rise.  With the growth of demands / desire for Covid-19 Vaccines, we're seeing scammers take advantage of "Vaccination" phishing attacks.  Phishing attacks, even though security professionals continue to talk about how to not fall for them, are still effective.  Continue practicing vigilance in the following:
    • Check the sender of an email, if you don't know who it is from - Do Not Open.
    • Did you expect this email? If you didn't... Do Not Open.
    • Does it sound too good to be true?  Do Not Open

If you have questions about what kind of security threats you might be seeing through the rest of the year, please feel free to register for our blog, or reach out to us directly through the Contact Us Page on our website.