2020 - Providing Truth & Clarity For 2021

As we prepare to start the new year in a few hours, many of us are excited to be saying good riddance to all that 2020 has been.  At least the bad.  For some there were moments of good sprinkled here and there...but it was definitely a year none of us will ever forget.

The Truth Revealed

Remote employees are here to stay.  For years we've been talking about remote workers and the potential for businesses to close some of their remote offices, reduce their commercial building footprint, and let people work from home...it took a pandemic to force this realization, but it's here.  Not only are companies embracing it, but we have a new mainstream acronym with "WFH".  Those businesses are now seeing the reduction in costs for all those office spaces.  Money which is now being used to keep the company going, paying salaries, increasing budgets, and perhaps even just being added to their reserves should any shutdowns continue.

They've embraced virtual meetings and understand you don't have to always meet in-person, although there is something to be said for sitting at the same table with someone as you look into their eyes and work out the details of an agreement, proposal, or deal. They've realized how much productive time is wasted with outrageous commutes, and even the not so crazy ones. 

Employees have gotten to know each other so much better and have even become closer to one another while being forced to social distance.  They know each other's spouses, kids, their pets.  They know more about their home lives, and have even had glimpses into their new friends' homes. 

While there are those who might disagree, I say this has brought people together much tighter than any corporate retreat or some other forced company function could. 


Clarity for the New Year

While 2020 has been difficult and challenging...it has also been rewarding in so many ways.  Personally I've been able to reconnect with friends I lost touch with, and deepen relationships with others.  Professionally and with the company (London Security) we've lost some customers and gained some new ones.  We've dropped some vendors and added some new services. We've focused our services and products on what truly matters for our customers, and not just whatever has the best margins for us.  With most service providers trying to figure out how they can maintain outrageous margins of 60+ percent, we've decided to focus on the quality and value of what we offer.  

One of those services we added is an MDR/SOC solution that we not only truly believe in, but we're also using internally.  A SOC/MDR offering has been something on our list for about 5 years.  Now that we have this, it has provided greater clarity for our internal security as well as for our customers.  While most EDR/MDR and even some SOC offerings are more about alerting and notifying, ours is about action.  Real action and response! Shutting down attacks, stopping processes, and even isolating systems if needed.


What's next in the New Year?

We can't say what tomorrow will bring, but based on this past year, we can say that information and cyber security should be top of mind for everyone with the new and improved work situation.  With phishing, ransomware, and the recent SolarWinds breach...we see that nobody is exempt from attacks.  Who would have thought hospitals would be targeted during a time they're most needed?  Who would have thought attackers would be going after people who've lost their jobs, family members, and even their homes?  This should be one heck of a wake up call for anyone thinking they can continue with business as usual (BAU).  I'm sorry, but BAU is a thing of the past.

As part of my 2021 goals, I wanted to offer a 7 day Sanity Check utilizing our  MDR/SOC services - London Security Solutions securityShadow in Monitor and Report ONLY.  We'll help you deploy to test, and review at the end of the week vulnerabilities and threats uncovered that would have been missed by your other security layers. I'm making this offer because we've seen a lot of nefarious and obfuscated activity in just about every vertical over the holidays and even before (including the SolarWinds breach). While most of us were relaxing over the holidays, the hackers and attackers were not.  We've seen SIEM service providers fail in detecting most of this activity, so we decided to step in and offer a one week service purely as a sanity check. 

The time has come for the hard discussions to be had.  Please check out our Registration Page to sign up for the 7 day zero obligation service we're providing.  Slot are limited, so Register TODAY.